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Ignoring the adversity the supporters are gathering to watch the final !

Supporters in metabolic as the venue of the Champions League final changed at the last minute. Many fans have missed out on the opportunity to watch the game on the field as only 6,000 tickets have been allotted for the two English clubs to secure the final. There have been allegations of high cost corona testing. However, ignoring everything, Man City-Chelsea supporters are crowding in Porto.

Portugal has a great friendship with the Champions League. All the matches since the quarter finals last year and this time the country is waiting to witness another final.

Turkey moved to the red list of England earlier this month due to the increase in the incidence of corona. And so UEFA was forced to move the venue of the final from Istanbul to Porto Stadio do Dragao.

The question is, why Portugal is being chosen again and again? One of the reasons behind this is that the situation in this part of Europe is relatively normal. There are no quarantine complications for tourists. Outsiders are getting free freedom to go around just by doing some tests. But football fans are also unhappy.

Because of the cost of the corona test. Corona exams cost more than living and eating in the country. A supporter who flew to Porto to watch the final said, “Corona tests cost a lot more. It’s more than just eating here.”

Still, the fans are not shying away from watching the final of the favorite team. Another said, “PCR test, antigen test has to be done in two stages. One more time before returning. All this has to be done with love for football.”

The 50,000-seat stadium has only 12,000 tickets for fans of the two clubs. And so the football fans are dissatisfied with that. Many people are crowding in Porto without tickets. Just to enjoy the amazement of the finals.

One fan said, “We were ready to go to Istanbul. But we had to come to Porto at the last minute. There are no tickets. But we are happy to enjoy the final.”

Although they could not get tickets to enter the field, at least some of them could not resist the temptation to watch the game on the giant screen next to the stadium. One said, “Many people have come here without tickets like me. But we will definitely get a fan zone. The fun of sitting together and watching the game is different.”

Eight police officers specially trained from England to deal with extremist supporters are already stationed in Porto. The city mayor has also increased the number of local security forces.

Meanwhile, the players of Manchester City-Chelsea reached the venue of the final on Thursday. There are two practice sessions at the Porto home venue. Only one season after the All English Final. How interesting it would be without Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar is a dilemma. Waiting for the answer to come soon.



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